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03-25-2011, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
Right now all we have is the TOS Mens Shirt with vest. Oh and the shirt is the wrong material. For males we are missing pants, sash, pins, belt/buckle and boots.

This is part of another post I made but I'll put part of it here.

Klingon TOS Bundle

Pins (1/3 the way down on page)
TOS Klingon (without ridges)
T5 D7 1 2 (with cyan impulse color)
Those should not be part of a new Bundle they make us PAY for. They should be added as fixes to the options we got in the first place, like the redux versions of the TNG and DS9 uniforms and badges. If they make me PAY for stuff I should have had all along I will be irate, and rightfully so.

I can see maybe paying extra for the Female Dress, but that's it.

And BTW, the TOS Klingon Baldric is in the game (though it is worn over the wrong shoulder), but you have to be Commander or higher in order to use it.