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03-25-2011, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by Heezdedjim
Looks incredibly cheap and weird; also completely out of place. Given we're paying for this thing, can't we get some art at least as nice looking as the old in-game mission reward ones?
...because you can still get that one?

Plus, there were several different versions of the Type-2 Phaser - the most prominent being the 'blue body, black handle' version (the mission reward one) and the 'black body', white handle' one (the new C-Store one).

A photo of replicas of both versions, for comparison's sake

So yeah, it's really cool that we've actually got cosmetic variants of the Type-2. Honestly, it's the one faultless thing in this new C-Store pack, and I hope we get more items like it in future.

(...such as all the other different phaser styles - TMP, TNG, TUC, DS9, VOY, NEM, etc.! )