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03-25-2011, 01:46 PM
I just got it earlier today, and I want to say *awesome* job on it, Cryptic!

I already have the TOS Connie, so I'm not too sad to not see it in the bundle, and it does come with a TOS shuttle and pet, so meh. I think the price for the package is great, and is way lower than I expected it to be (I guess I'm pretty cynical, lol, but I was expecting 1600 minimum, and I didn't even know the phaser came with it, heh).

I like the outfits; great job on the textures and looks. I haven't had a lot of time to really play around with them (*grumble* stupid job and no time atm *grumble*), but I really like the dress and medical ones.

The shuttle (and pet) is cool, and thanks for the hand phaser, too!

As for the main reason I wanted this pack, the bridge and interiors ... are ... awesome ... sauce! I love the look (and overall size! ) of the bridge, and my Reman officer was even on it, using one of the scanner devices, yay! The Jeffries Tube room is great, and the hallways and crew uniforms (and overall numbers) are spot on.

I like how the Mission Replay computer is in the Conference Room (was wondering how you guys were going to add a Ready Room to it, heh), and I had huge grins when I entered Engineering and Sick Bay. The ability to raise and lower the screens in the mess hall and conference room is awesome, and I like the trophy layout. Great job!

The biggest thing, though, has got to be that all the seats on the interior are clickable! *tips hat to beaconizer guy!* The ability to click-to-sit on every chair and the smaller size of the interiors are my two favorite things about this pack, and I can't wait for some of these changes to hit the other interiors.

So, thanks, team Cryptic! The TOS Bundle is great (and a great price, too, in my opinion); the items, costumes, and interiors are sweet, and I look forward to seeing more packs like this in the future! (*cough* ENT Bundle *cough*)