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03-25-2011, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Avatar_of_Champions View Post

That all being said I merely have one request, one tiny little favor to ask to make this set perfect:
Actually, they need a beam out button for all transporter pads in the game (like the one in Memory Alpha), including the ones in space stations and on ships, but I would kill for this feature on the TOS transporter.

I almost cried when I realized I could not beam out from this area on my ship and had to go back up to my bridge to leave my ... bridge... which seems a tad awkward.
the thing is if you're leaving your ships interior to go back to sector space you're not really leaving your ship. as you're taking command of your ship to go fly it somewhere then the bridge is the place you want to be when you change views.

although if you are on a station at the time then a transporter change would then at least give people the option if they really want to role play the experience.