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03-25-2011, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by Avatar_of_Champions View Post
The TOS Value package.... here is my review


To put it in more detail:
  • The scaling is perfect!
  • Working Jeffries Tubes!
  • Your ship NPCs are dressed appropriately!
  • Shuttered windows for cannon lawyers and the ability to see space for everyone else!
  • Certain rooms suck as the Transporter Room and Engineering are exact replica's (the Sick bay, while a little off, is as close as they could get it!).
  • A "F" Type shuttle and pet (was so not expecting this).
  • 3 new costume types fore the period! (My only complaint is Klingons really need some classic TOS love for their outfits)
  • A Type 2 phaser that can be given to all your crew immediately instead of having to spam the same feature series episode over and over and over again! ( It is SLIGHTLY less powerful than the feature series gun).

Besides for some really anal retentive nitpicking from cannon lawyers, I can find nothing really wrong with this package and for 1400 Atari tokens (about 15 dollars worth), you are not going to get a better buy for money than this package.
The Enterprise package comes with an entire star ship and it still does not measure up to this value pack.

That all being said I merely have one request, one tiny little favor to ask to make this set perfect:
Actually, they need a beam out button for all transporter pads in the game (like the one in Memory Alpha), including the ones in space stations and on ships, but I would kill for this feature on the TOS transporter.

I almost cried when I realized I could not beam out from this area on my ship and had to go back up to my bridge to leave my ... bridge... which seems a tad awkward.
WHOA!!!! Hang on a moment....

You get a Black and White Phaser for each of your Crew Members?

I thought you only got one.

If you get one for each crew member, that is UTTERLY AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!

Yes, would be nice to not have to spam the Devidan Mission over and over and over again!