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# 3 Yes it can...
03-25-2011, 02:37 PM
In the map you wish this to happen, you will need the following objects...

1. A console.
2. An invisible object (10ft)
3. A Place Marker
4. A Dialog Marker


Place the console, visible immediately, never hidden


Place a place marker on top of the console.


Place the invisible object on top of the console, immediately hidden, visible on component reached of the place marker. On the invisible object, in the trigger menu, edit the 'Interact' button to what you want it to say, like 'Access Console' or whatever, but the trigger menu won't show up until you do the fourth...


Place the dialog marker and make it visible on component complete of the invisible object.

now you have a console when approached will trigger the invisible object to interact with, once the interaction with the console is done the dialog will pop up.

this is just one way to do it too...

hope this helps your mission