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# 1 Delta flyer missions
03-25-2011, 03:42 PM
Now I love the fact that people can now craft the delta flyer, though I do find it just a tad too coincidental that the ability to craft them was released just as the special reward for the weekly series in which the Delta makes the first mission much easier ends. But thats a complaint for another thread, this thread is to complain about and give a suggestion for the new delta missions.

If you own the delta flyer already there's no real reason to pick up these mission you gain no benefit from them, but this could easily be rectified. In addition to giving the schematic at the end of the ten missions, also have completing the mission unlock, and max out, a "Shuttle Commander/Shuttle Pilot" skill, akin to the current [class] captain skill sets. This makes sense since because you're being told that you need to better know how to handle a shuttle to build the delta flyer so, why not actually have doing the missions give you bonuses to flying shuttles?