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03-25-2011, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Those should not be part of a new Bundle they make us PAY for. They should be added as fixes to the options we got in the first place, like the redux versions of the TNG and DS9 uniforms and badges. If they make me PAY for stuff I should have had all along I will be irate, and rightfully so.

I can see maybe paying extra for the Female Dress, but that's it.

Perhaps you can make a list that you would be happy to PAY for. I know we have a TOS shirt but that doesn't mean we get the whole set. (even if I agree with you)

BTW...I would be more than happy to pay for it, if it gets the ball rolling.

Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
And BTW, the TOS Klingon Baldric is in the game (though it is worn over the wrong shoulder), but you have to be Commander or higher in order to use it.

Oh and BTW This is not This. The current one in game looks like brown leather with some kind of borders, while the TOS Sash looks like some kind of gold colored material.

I would also like to add that I think the current shirt should use the same texture and color options as the Mirror TOS Belt. (the dangly part)