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03-25-2011, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by ThetaNine
Ok, I have to say I love TOS (I grew up watching it in the early 1970's). And I appreciate the fact the devs made it so we can relive that environment inside our ships and out with the new TOS bundle pack on the C-Store.

What I'd really like to see is a 2409 C-Store Bundle of NEW material: New Uniforms, New Bridges, New Shuttles, New Weapons that Scale Up with Character Progression!

How about you?
100% agreed.
I would love to see more new stuff.
I am really tired to see another old ship, another old uniform and another old weapon and so on.
Now that the TOS Bundle is finally out, maybe there is time now to let this game continue.

Man i didn't realize that this is about a C-Store Pack.....
New Stuff form the STO era should be free of course.

Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
I had a long running debate with some friends before STO launched, regarding this exact topic.

My personal opinion was that a game set after the "known" eras of Star Trek, wouldn't stand on it's own. The reason being is there is so much love for the ships, characters and uniforms of the various Treks we all grew up with and enjoyed.

I also theorized that if the game were set in the TOS era, it would have been wildly popular, and boomed from day one. And if it had been set in the environs of the 2009 reboot, then the game would have capitalized on the hype and hoopla of the new movie.

Personally, had the game been 100% TOS, from day one, I'd have bought a LTS pre-launch and never ever played another MMO. But that's just me.
It is the same opposite with me, IF STO would have been a ToS based game i would never bought it.

Thank you for reading