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03-25-2011, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by Liandras
I would welcome a change to meters, they are used in canon and the metric systems makes a whole lot more sense than the aged illigical imperial system. Really I never understand why the USA dropped so much good from the British Empire and still kept this system.

I am glad I grew up in Europe with a metric system, jus tlooking at the iomperial system makes my head go dizzy and I did use to be quite good at maths.

So squash this imperial system bug and welcome the good metric system and perhaps someday the rest of the world will follow.

Does save money to, more than one thing blew up because 1 side workign with the imperial system and the other with the metric system and made some errors in the calculations when the stuff came together
While there, drop the Fharenheit, too. It is silly and the rest of the galaxy uses Kelvin anyway .
This issue is not about the actual measurement unit. The STO engine's coordinates may even be based on Greek orgyia, it would make no difference. The main problem is that the engine gives you coordinates based on feet and the UI requres input coordinates based on meters.
It is not enough to note down LOC coordinates for later use. You need to do calculations as well.
That does not affect the map import because I just added an editbox for the conversion rate.