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03-25-2011, 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by LotD
I guess I should just stick to FPS games where you pay for the box and then the updates are all free, except for the occasional expansion pack which will deliver 20x more stuff for the same price STO charges for a single ship.
Dude, a ship is not content. It's cosmetic fluff. You pay extra for cosmetic fluff.

Did you pay a dime for the new Featured Series? No. Now that was content and a damn sight more awesome than any content additions I've seen for an FPS game in an expansion pack.

It makes perfect sense to me and I'm perfectly willing to continue to pay extra for cosmetics as long as the content still comes for free.

And where you're finding expansion packs for anything that costs under 15 dollars is beyond me. Where are you shopping? How long have these expansions been out?