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03-25-2011, 07:30 PM
I was doing the mission called "keep our enemies closer" When I got the runabout, I equiped all of my best gear. I assumed I got to keep the runabout. I beamed down to the station, and never saw the runabout or my gear again.

I submitted a request for GM help, but don't expect they can do much. I wanted to warn anyone doing this mission, don't leave your gear on the runabout.

My guy is a CMDR 1, he lost a reman shield, an efficient engine, a purple mk IV disruptor, and lots of other stuff. If anyone out there has any CMDR gear they don't need I would be very greatful for some help.

Lucky for me I happened to have a spare engine on my main ship or I might have been stranded in Sector Space forever.