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03-25-2011, 09:04 PM
Armada 1: was really good but suffers from wonky sound glitches on systems older than XP easily fixed by turning off hardware acceleration. The Borg seemed too much an "I win" button

Armada 2: Good, but has an odd vibe. Lots of awesome ships, most of which I hope appear in game, primarily their Romulan variations, very cool. Super weapons are less of a threat... but the 8472 (Undine) are almost unkillable in mid to late game, you have to rush them. Problem is this game is hella rare and a copy will run you like 200 USD on Amazon I got mine cheap because it was a bundle with Armada 1 and Voyager Elite Force 1 and 2.

Voyager Elite Force: Good for any Trek fan, not just voyager. Played exactly like the first Half-Life.

Voyager Elite Force 2: Actually has some Enterprise E missions and some diabolical weaponry like a double-barrel repeating Compression Rifle. Again, a VERY rare game, but worth it.

Bridge Commander: Everything I was STO was. 3D combat, fast paced and can be modded to look 100% like a modern game. Even has ship dismemberment.

Legacy: Mixed bag. Most hate it, I enjoyed it once I modded it. Specifically the Trek Battles 2 mod made it better. You can put in the Narada, Planet Killer, Kelvin, JJ-Prise, Scimitar, etc. Its shortcomings can be easily drowned out by watching Narada torps shredding a ship or a Scimitar vaporizing a Sovereign.