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03-25-2011, 10:38 PM
A good bridge officer layout and build is important, but those alone won't win any battle for you. Once you get the powers you want, powers that are a solid choice that work well together, then you need to learn to use them, and everything else there is to your ship, power levels, maneuvering, captain powers, etc.

A big huge part of PVP is learning when to use which powers and why, understanding the situation around you, and keeping situational awareness of the changing battlefield. That takes time and experience to learn. You are going to want to understand every power you want to use, and every power you might encounter in PVP, what they do and how they can be useful at any given point in time.

You also want to start to recognize your opponents. Are they someone who kicks butt and takes names? They are people you are going to have to react faster too, or adjust your tactics for. Do they DPS you to death, or are they trying to make an opening in your shields to hit you with a big burst of damage?

I think one of the worst things to do is to give up when you take massive damage. Its probably something a lot of newbies do, they take a lot of damage and then just give up and don't even try to hit heals, figuring they will die soon anyway. Well surprise attacks and solid bursts do that, but they are short and unsustainable. If you're still alive, keep fighting and hit your heals, and you may end up living a lot longer than you expected to.

Eventually you start to get a sense for whether a situation is going to go badly or not, and of whether you need to fight defensively, or offensively. Escorts are primary targets because of how squishy they can be, so learning how to fight defensively, maneuvering, power useage, etc. can be very useful. But then sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Learning the balance, and learning to survive is all part of the game.