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I just tried an episode with the Nausicaan interior set from the mission "War is Good for Business". I placed a few enemy groups in there, six crates to interact with and a boss spawn which is supposed to spawn right after the last room has been reached.

All the code works nicely, but the away team starts getting stuck after going down the first ramp. Some jump up to a place where they can never get down anymore. The same happens with the enemies. They spawn correctly, they shoot at you correctly, but then all of a sudden, some enemies get drawn 50 meters away from the place they had just stood at. The same with the away team. They fight the enemies all at the same location of the map.

Of course it's not nice having to fight the boss spawn all by yourself, having the away team stuck more than 100 meters behind, fighting possible new enemies that have disappeared in previous fights.

Do some of you experience the same thing? Also on this map or also on other maps? I am talking about published plays with a real character, not with that dummy Ensign character and the security team in the Foundry test zone.

~ Eris The Vorta