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03-26-2011, 04:19 AM
well it sounds like you are on your way to finding a fleet,i guess it depends on what type of fleet your looking for as in large-where you get lost in the crowd?small-where you know who your running with?if your looking for a small flett the The Federal Exploration fleet might be your new home.
we have about 40 members with maybe 5-7 of them being active on a regular basis,we run our STF's on the weekends because of crytpic having everyone on one server which some of our fleet are from europe and some from the states,most of the active people are on during the mornings to early afternoons during the week and you can usualy find one of us on on the weekends,so if worse comes to worsewe can run you through to get your borg items and if you dont like our times then you can move on,its up to you.

ps-is this the same captain thraxx i read about that you and your girlfriend are looking for a fleet?if so i sent you an in game mail about us and who to look for.