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03-26-2011, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by Pantheras View Post
I believe its wrong to use the same methods (spam/broken skills) you dont aprove only to give back "a taste of their own medicine".If you do ,you actually fall into the same trap of becoming no better than those who use it with the empty argument that " we shall use everything to win".
Some time back we as a fleet had decided to simply LEAVE (warp out) whenever in Arena there was a mine spamming premade like Fista Sista,SOB and TSI.Not even start at all.Because engaging would mean approving.The point was not to find ways to adapt and adjust tactics to counter BUT TO MAKE A CLEAR STATEMENT ,that we simply DO NOT APROVE this type of gameplay.We were then accused of cowardness,and "fear" to face the super fleets all covered up in minefields.
If other premades and/or pugs would have followed this stance of DISAPROVAL of what pvp had become maybe it would made others reconsider when they eventually were not able to find ANY group to game with.Unfortunately the extend of which spam/broken skills were implemented exeeded every atempt to fight it.If we wanted to keep on playing this game we were forced to submit to the trend and use it ourselves or retreat and confine our gameplay in C & H /Kerrat.
You mention these 3 fleets as spamming fleets. I can say that imo TSI and SOB dont use spam to win think they are both very balance and good fleets and our friends.

As far as Fista Sistas Space team goes yeah well I talk to some of the Fista SIstas members on a regular basic think they are all good ppl. But I dont agree with the tactic they use in space, it consist of 3-4 sci intrepids and all use the current top 5 skills from the worst spam and broken skills list if we look at that ppl say in pvp forums

I far as I know with that tactic they can beat all pvp fleets except TSI and Qew. That could result in many pvp players and fleets leaving the game, and that cant be good for anyone