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03-26-2011, 07:50 AM
I posted this awhile back and i wasnt even fighting borg (Leave it to me to go in and try to be all smart, lolz) but since then I have gotten a field test done and it seems that I need to update the post:

Stick with the Antiproton weapons that are Borg-effective and 1 quantum to the front
Same with Aft (though you may want to exchange the tricobalt with a quantum as a matter of playing style)

Shields: Regenerative Mk XI [Reg] x2 or 3 (dont even bother with Aegis or any covariants they are very inneffective) and eventually Assimilated Borg shield
Engines: Aegis
Deflector: Aegis

Depending on what is easiest to find, either traburnium, electroceramic or ablative hull armor. Borg ships do indeed use plasma energy weapons and these hull armors will help. get 2 of them.
Keep the EPS flow regulator and get a plasma manifold if your weapons are set to 70 or less. If not, get a shield emitter amp

For science get halon systems and for tac get beam boosters and Antiproton boosters. Keep in mind that most time you will rely on Ap beams to broadside so you will want to maximize the damage.

For escorts, stick with the same for shields, engines and deflectors

2 Dual Heavy Ap cannons [Brg]
Quantum torpedo - (or if preferred, replace with another dual beam)
Dual Ap Beam Bank [Brg]
Ap turrets x 2 [Brg]
Quantum torpedo or again if prefered, another turret

Tacts just boost antiproton
Sci same
and Engie hull armor and EPS flow

Science same as cruisers for weapons and engines, make sure that you have 2 fore and 2 aft with 1 quantum in front and ESPECIALLY a TRICOBALT IN BACK.
the tricobalt will be very effective if you utilize tractor beam

Consoles are still the same