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03-26-2011, 10:06 AM
the attitude represented here is the problem. there isnt, or never was, any skill so broken that the game was unplayable. people are just noobhat *******s, who cant handle it. whether "it" is old school snb/vm, pre nerf rsp chaining,, gwell spam, whatever fotm comes next; the true skilled player seeks to adapt and povercome before he QQs and cries. Nothing ****es me off, no matter WHAT the circumstances, when i hear someone on vent say "we cant win becus theyre using xxx" even whenn xxx is a real cheat or known exploit. You lose when u dont play. You can never win if you dont try. The worst kind of people in games (and in the world) are those who refuse to accept a challenge unless they believe or know they have a set advantage. Those who take the first excuse as a reason for THEIr personal failings.

Those people are followed closely behind by the people who use cheats, exploits, and "soon to be fixed" skills to claim victory in a game where victory is truly meanngless.

From the mantra of my old fleet Death Befotre Dishonor, it is my gaming ethos to avoid "hax/op/bugged" skills. I pride myself on the kill for the challenge, and its NO FUN when their is no chance of a loss.

The answer isnt to bicth and shame people into not using the lame skills/tactics people are *****ign about as of right now. Next week itll be somethign else. The answer isnt to mimic their builds in an effort to make the game makers nerf them. Rise above, take the sling vs the giant and PWN him despite the odds. Wjhen u win, not only will u gain the enemy's respect, more than likely the shame of defeat against the odds will be worth more than the uninterupted string of wins put together by hardcore teams vs pugs/randoms.