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Originally Posted by ofdpt23 View Post
I am a Science ship Captain. I currently fly a Nebula class variant. With that all being said, I would like to ask this. What exactly do you call "Scispamming"...what Science abilities do you consider broken?

I PvP maybe once a week (in an actual PvP que) and on occasion I will go down to Kerrat and hang out in a small corner with my fleet mates and do some PvP in there. As such, I have been accused, on numerous accounts, as being a lamer, and a scispammer, just for the simple fact that I'm a science Captain. I can enter the map, phaser fire all around me, and I tap my spacebar once to activate my weapons to defend myself and it's "Oh look, another scispammer!" or "Da**** Scispammer!"

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that I really don't understand what all the hoopla is all about here. Please take the time to help me better understand what is making you guys unhappy? Make a list of what abilities really **** you off and why. I know this stuff has been posted in numerous forums before and I do apologize. I normally only read the dev trackers.
Not all sci vessel captains spam and it's impossible for one sci captain to do this by him or herself (unless you have 3 scramble sensors, but that just limits you as a ship build), I have 3 characters at max level of each class with each build and I don't run my sci like this all the time (only do it when the other team starts to). Some premade fleet teams will have 3 sci ships each with scramble sensors BO power or two back to back. Those sci ships will also run a mine with auto fire on it. What this does for the other team is limit their ability to target the them and creates a lot of lag for some if not most players in the game. The two players most of the time is a cruiser that heals and an escort for dps for the rest of the team makeup. While the team is confused with scramble and the massive amount mines on the field they are unable to target anyone and the escort and cruiser will take out the weakest and work their way down. Honestly teams that do this require some amount of skill to do it, however this creates a unbalance game play. Teams that run like this usually win fairly easy in pvp vs a pug group or a premade that wasn't equip to handle it. While everyone calls this spam it is a tactic in sense, but an unfair one. Most players just want a fair pvp experience, and I can't blame them for that.

There are many options that cryptic can do here, they could change the way sci team works, or create new sci BO powers that combats scramble sensors and powers like it. The mine spam can be combated by someone running grav well or using an aoe attack. But at the same time I think the way mines are deployed need to be change for better balancing.