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Originally Posted by ofdpt23 View Post
I am a Science ship Captain. I currently fly a Nebula class variant. With that all being said, I would like to ask this. What exactly do you call "Scispamming"...what Science abilities do you consider broken?

I PvP maybe once a week (in an actual PvP que) and on occasion I will go down to Kerrat and hang out in a small corner with my fleet mates and do some PvP in there. As such, I have been accused, on numerous accounts, as being a lamer, and a scispammer, just for the simple fact that I'm a science Captain. I can enter the map, phaser fire all around me, and I tap my spacebar once to activate my weapons to defend myself and it's "Oh look, another scispammer!" or "Da**** Scispammer!"

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that I really don't understand what all the hoopla is all about here. Please take the time to help me better understand what is making you guys unhappy? Make a list of what abilities really **** you off and why. I know this stuff has been posted in numerous forums before and I do apologize. I normally only read the dev trackers.
Just being a Sci warrants being called a spammer Escorts can blast away with their Cannons to their hearts content, Cruisers can stack heals on people like there's no tomorrow, but the second you activate Photonic Fleet or any Sci power, you get called out.

I have TBR 2 and all heals, and I still get called a Sci spammer.