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03-26-2011, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by CmdrNightfire
First let me say, like others I just love the TOS pack, it was a must buy for me after seeing the trailer, Cryptic did a incredible job especially with crew wearing the right uniforms.

But I'd love if they put out a TNG Pack next with a Canon Galaxy Class Bridge and the appropriate TNG Corridors and Rooms (and crew uniforms) I hope cryptic does this, if they put as much care into future packs, i think they'll have hot sellers on their hands.
I second that.
The TOS Pack is great, but I won't buy it. Simply because I can't get along beeing in the 25th century and having an interior made by a hippie on XTC. I am more of an tech guy, sorry for that.

I want TNG interiors of any kind, Enterprise, Voyager, Prometheus, they all hadn't the same interiors.
As well I want the NX Interiors. Those I like the most, they remind me of submarine interiors somehow. Beside, I love the sickbay set.

In both sets there could be added a lot of material. The away mission jackets of ENT, Porthos, diferent bridges, as Enterprise brige, generationship Enterprise bridge, Columbia bridge, etc.
For TNG there are a waste number of different choices, the uniform vest, Worfs different wraps, Diana's thousand of costumes, Wesleys uniforms, the strech uniform from the first seasons, the admiral uniform, the parade uniforms from the different seasons and shows, etc.

And not to forget about the whole different haircuts from the 3 timelines. Especially the alien creatures haircuts.