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03-26-2011, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
Yes, that is my point. If someone plays and builds for dps or heals only the kind of action i described would become less likely especially in PuG matches.
Well, I think that would happen only if they're not actually thinking through what tactics will maximize their total damage or healing over time. People can already narrowly focus on burst DPS or self healing to the exclusion of all else; obviously many do. But with the amount of time they spend circling the fight as irrelevant chaff, or staring at the respawn window, they should also realize that they're not getting the highest output of damage or healing that they could. The damage and healing counters are already there on the match leaderboards, so I'm sure (most) people probably already try to come out on top in one or the other as much as they can. In fact I think most people do just this; mess around, throw something together or copy a build they saw somewhere; check their numbers and see how they do, and how the ship plays in a match; go back and mess around with it some more; lather, rinse repeat. If they can't think far enough ahead to see how the overall fit of their build and tactics affects that iteration, then I'm not sure anything is going to point them in the right direction.