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03-26-2011, 04:30 PM
1.) is it possible to use a map twice. As in, use two spawn points each linked to a different part of the mission. I have had problems with this in the past, anyone have success?
You will need to copy and paste maps to reuse them again, unfortunately.

2.) I need someone to ask all of the questions of a NPC before they can continue on. problem with this is, buttons cannot appear after specific questions are asked. Thus, if they ask the right one that points to success, the dialog ends. Granted most people ask questions in order, but you know you have that one person. any work around for this.
Have each successfully answered question lead to a menu that has all the options but the one last answered. That's one way of getting all the questions you want asked.

3.) is there anyway to 'turn off' the circles. I want someone to find the objective. Don't worry it is a smaller map, but its the pricipal of the thing
yes. Go to the story editor and have "show waypoints" set to disabled or false.

4.) any news on actually diabling the mini map without the fuzz on the entire screen?
You can wide, flat building blocks really high on the map to "cover" the minimap. The minimap takes a literal bird's eye view of a map and adding those flat building blocks will obscure it all.

5.) does fire do damage?
No. Everntually this would be desirable but it's likely that you'd add an invisible volume that damages cahracters, making anything damaging potentially.

6.) does anyone know what special characters STO accepts? (alt codes)STO accepts very few non-romanized characters (last I checked, cyrllic characters don't work and most unicode non-roman characters don't either).