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03-26-2011, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by Telbasta
I kinda doubt they'll ever 'revamp' the current interiors. Unless it's something they can put on the cstore and get more money for, the company has little incentive to actually put in the effort.

That's become a pretty big problem with this game - cryptic has completely relegated themselves to only making new content and only content that is going to make them extra cash, while completely ignoring any of the game's older issues that hold no profit opportunities.

Such is the fall of every MMO, when the developers decide that if it doesnt make money it isnt worth doing.
You forget all the free content that is coming with Season 4 for free.

Ground Combart v2.0
Klingon PvE tuturial and lots of Klingon only PvE missions
new free Feature Series 4 etc.

Just take a look at the Dev tracker or even the Engineering reports.

Sorry. Slightly off-topic.

On topic now.

Next Interiors should be Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class in my opinion.