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03-26-2011, 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by Bracknell
Do you have to go to the store to buy season 4? No, you don't. It is a free update to the game.

Perhaps I look at it from a different point of view being a Lifetime member. I should have thought of that.
Go buy something on Ebay and tell me it's free =P

If you pay for it, it isnt free. Your lifetime subscription is still payment, even if you arent paying monthly anymore - you just end up getting a long term discount (think of it as buying in bulk).

We get a few weekly episodes every once in a while, and the occasional (quarterly, it seems like) patch to fix issues that people have been complaining about for a year now. Outside of those updates, pretty much everything 'new' to the game is going through the cstore, because that means the devs are not only getting that monthly payment, they're also getting a bonus on top of it - double dipping, if you will.

I realize everything needs to be paid for, but every MMO and every game company eventually gets to a point where the money is more important than the product, and at that point things just go downhill.

Anyways, that's all getting off topic. NX-01 bridges and interiors, please =P