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03-26-2011, 09:47 PM
I've heard KDF players complain about the sad state of affairs in their faction since STO launched and assumed that it was a PvP thing. I was wrong and I apologize for that.

I decided to make a KDF crafting toon, mailed all the mats from my Fed VA and maxed out in a couple days. Then I figured I'd try out the KDF PvE content (sorry, not a PvPer).

Early level Klingon faction PvE is, at best, where Fed PvE was at launch, quality-wise. KDF PvE is very buggy. I think I've submitted more bug reports in the past two days for my KDF toon than I have over the entire time playing my Fed. Scanning doesn't work worth a crap in outdoor ground missions, BO's won't follow 'attack my target' commands for some targets, some missions literally can't be completed, some weapon graphics are bugged, I've had ground weapons just plain not fire (character moves like the weapon fired but nothing happened), my toon reverted to old-style running on some ground maps (short run duration with longer recharge), the C-Store cruiser bridge apparently has screen windows in it since I can see the star field while walking to the turbolift, etc, etc.

Judging solely by quality, it's obvious where the Klingon faction ranks in the eyes of the devs. The more I played the more astounded I was. If Fed missions were this bad a year after launch STO would be screwed. Only the lifers and newbies would be here (and the newbies would leave after a month or two).

And was the Great Hall laid out by a blind Pakled? Holy cow. ESD has everything pretty much grouped together in nice, defined areas. Even pre-remodel. On Qo'noS you have to run all over the place.

Originally Posted by Geoff_484
Do we have a smaller player base because Klingons just arent as interesting or is it because we have such a lack of content?
It was the lack of PvE content for me. I don't have the time or interest to get good enough at PvP to make it fun to me, so without PvE content the Klingon faction didn't offer anything. But because of the way crafting is set up, in order to get Mk XI disruptors for my Fed VA without selling a pixelated kidney I needed a KDF crafter. That's really the only reason I have that character.

Don't get me wrong, I like the whole Klingon shtick. I really like the look, the ships, the attitude. None of this 'we'll beat you down if we have to but then give you a band-aid' stuff. When Klingons beat you down they drink bloodwine out of your skull. You gotta admire that.

Originally Posted by Geoff_484
You'd be surprised by how many people don't play Klingons just because it's so friggin boring. I love playing my Tac LG, but it sucked leveling him up and it was one of the lamest, most repetitive things I've ever done in any game.
I'm tired of the T'Ong Nebula. Really. Tired. But I actually like the Klink exploration missions better than Fed missions. That is, when they work. But yeah, PvE leveling is kind of a drag. The Bringing Down The House story arc is very cool, though. It's way too short at only two missions, and it needs to be remastered, but it felt very Klingon. There definitely needs to be more missions like that.

So again, my bad about not putting enough stock in the KDF complaints. I feel your PvE pain now. I would definitely play more Klink-side if there was more content. I'd be willing to wager that's what's keeping a lot of people from getting their ridges on.

EDIT: I read that the devs intend to make Klingon characters available without having to get a Fed character to 6. With the current state of Klink PvE, I think that's a mistake. IF they give a thorough bug-fix pass to Klingon PvE prior to allowing 1st level KDF, then fine. Otherwise they'll be shooting themselves in the foot ("Hey! Welcome to the KDF! You liked our new tutorial? Yeah, it's awesome. So let me show you how to submit a bug report for the rest of the PvE content..."). It will just highlight the worst aspects of Klingon PvE play.