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03-27-2011, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

Spam is never a problem from a single person, its when a fleet build their tactics upon those skills that are annoying.

1 ship using scramble isnt spamming - 3-4 of them are
1 ship using mines+patterns isnt spamming - 3-4 of them are
1 ship doing dedicated heals isnt spamming - 3-4 of them are
1 carrier using fighters isnt spamming - 3-4 of them are
well, i hate to say it, but the game has to limit spam within from its own mechanics. look at the most brutal offenders of spam over the games brief history:

offender Punishment
vm spam: vm nerfed to near uselessness
rsp spam: rsp length shortened
photonic spam: hard immunity (chaining no more)
tric spam: same immunity
tractor mien spam: global cd +unique item

instead of *****ing, what is the solution to you own personal pet peeve variety of spam? personally i wouldnt mind seeing a "harden sensors" skill so that after beign scrambled once u have some immunity, or even a special item/power up/ add on to existing skill (sci team??/epta??) give u a brief hardened sensors.. just a thought