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03-27-2011, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by inktomi19d View Post
I know that no one really cares about ground PvP anymore, but that part of the game would be helped tremendously if ground and space skills and traits were combined, or if we had two separate pools of skills and traits.

As things are right now, you can't compete in ground PvP unless you build a character specifically for it. PvE doesn't require any ground skills or traits at all, so your just gimping yourself by taking them, which makes characters which could be competitive on the ground rare.
I don't think you really need all those space skills in Space PvE either. But there is so much more choice that it's easier to just say "you know, ground sucks anway, let's not waste skills on it".

I know that ground combat is scheduled for a major revamp, but it will be pointless as long as a total focus on space is necessary to compete in space.
I am not even sure that total focus is all that necessary either... :p But enough people believe it and I am not gonna try and find out and prove myself wrong and gimped.

There is a thread on Dual Spec on the Startrek Online Discussion forums IIRC. Get there and get your voice heard. Dual Spec could solve this problem as well...