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03-27-2011, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I am not even sure that total focus is all that necessary either... :p But enough people believe it and I am not gonna try and find out and prove myself wrong and gimped.
I was able to split my skills up until level cap on a few different characters. While you're still leveling, almost no one is effectively min-maxed. But end-game is a whole different thing -- almost everyone has perfect skills and gear (or is at least working on it) so there's a lot less room for variation.

Ground PvP is actually a *lot* more effected by min-maxing, but space queues pop much more often and space sucks up a lot more talent points, so there's really no room to be competitive on the ground without really focussing on it.

There is a thread on Dual Spec on the Startrek Online Discussion forums IIRC. Get there and get your voice heard. Dual Spec could solve this problem as well...
Dual spec could help a lot too, though without other fixes to ground I'd still probably use my other spec for a different ship.

Mostly I just don't think that anything can be done to help ground PvP while skills are the way they are. You already get much longer queue time on the ground, so it's really not worthwhile to suffer through long queues *and* have to specialize in ground combat to the exclusion of space.