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03-27-2011, 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by AnimeWarrior2552
When I click on the Create Content Tab, after I create a character? The field isn't gold, it's gray, and the create character button is lit up, and is also gray! Because of that, even though I can click on the create character button? When I do that? Nothing happens! If I have not done a certain thing that I need to do, I need to know what I may not have done! If however I cannot do anything because I need to be on Tribble, in order to create content, then I will not be able to create content, because I cannot spare the extra space on my computer to do that! By the way, when I clicked on the Create Content Tab, in the upper left corner of the screen? The screen did not turn gold, then, gray, it only turned gray!
Are you logged onto Tribble or Holodeck?

The Foundry is on the main, playable server yet.