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03-27-2011, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Heck, I'd like to see uniform unlocks period on the KDF side!

Obviously, they wouldn't go around wearing Starfleet uniforms, but things like the 7 of 9 outfit, the Mercenary outfit and casual attire, which isn't tied to a specific faction and is loosely defined as casual clothing should be available.

I bet there's a lot of female assimilated KDF out there who'd love the option of wearing the 7 of 9 outfit.
There're some klingon-ladies in cannon that wore one piece 7-o-9'ish body suits.
Remember Worf's original gal?

I like the idea of opening up mercenary outfits. Also off-duty robes would be a good fit for klingons (seems like every society has a robe of some kind).