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03-28-2011, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
Now I love the fact that people can now craft the delta flyer, though I do find it just a tad too coincidental that the ability to craft them was released just as the special reward for the weekly series in which the Delta makes the first mission much easier ends. But thats a complaint for another thread, this thread is to complain about and give a suggestion for the new delta missions.
I don't see how you can see it as coincidental. Since you made your point then dismissed any further discussion on the matter to another thread, i'm leaving my 2 cents here.
If anyone has brought this Delta Flyer, that means they had this for nearly close to two months now, and every Federation character they own on an account, each gets one too. For its price, people got something long before everyone else. Just like Melee weapons, which are opened up to all on an account or grinded in Colliseum. Its instant access through purchase or its about waiting, then crafting or grinding. Anyone who complains is short sighted, especially when details about how the Delta Flyer was going to be made available to all was released back at the beginning of the Cloaked Intentions series.

Anyways, i would like to see further missions in Shutttles else use for these vehicles is plurly cosmetic. Perhaps gathering in a Shuttle in the future would lead to additional percentages in Trace Particle chances.
I do agree with you though. KDF do need more shuttle love.