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03-28-2011, 12:45 AM
Hey, thought of a few more questions/requests:

1. Fleet uniforms. Not liking the limited choices we currently have. They are somewhat limited and frankly, don't have the pizzaz the purchasable ones have.
Could you please consider a cool uniform, (maybe two, a dress uniform or such), available exclusively to members of a fleet? Maybe something similar to the vetran's or diplomatic one? Then allow customization of this said uniform/s, so each fleet could customize it?

2. Fleet accolades. Could you consider these so that they could be given by fleet admirals to fleet members for achievements within one's fleet? something basic, like fleet crafter, most helpful, or mission leader,
or maybe something fleet admirals could define. It could simulate getting a medal from your fleet admiral, recognizing achievements within one's fleet.

3. Could you please consider race accolades? My primary is a Vulcan. I think it would be great for him to travel to Vulcan, do a mission with a monk there and get a Kolinar accolade or something to that effect.
You could open these accolades to other races too as well.

4. Battle damage hull textures. We have a few different hull textures for our ships at the moment. I just thought it would be great to be able to select a hull texture that shows some phaser scorching or something similar to the damage the Enterprise had, after the Wrath of Khan. We're at war after all, not every ship will fly around looking like it's fresh out of dry dock. I would imagine that some ships would have to wait for cosmetic repairs, particularly if they are on a tour of duty. Could you consider adding something like this?

Decommissioning ships. As a sort of alternative to a "death penalty", on either advanced or elite, Could you consider an order from Starfleet calling for the Decommissioning of a player ship due to it being too badly damaged? The ship would then limp home, go to the ship repair guy at the shipyard, and for a energy credit fee, "rename" your ship, (or adding a new letter), to simulate getting another one? (Just don't make the fee to steep tho! LOL ) I just think it would be more of a immersive experience in game, while providing the "penalty" some desire. It would also be good for roleplay.