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03-28-2011, 05:11 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Well, after playing the game for a few days after the FAW changes hit live, I am glad to say that I was wrong about the skill ruining the game or being unbalanced. It seems that as a parting gift, Snix increased the drain rate on beams when FAW is active, essentially making it into an awesome AOE skill that still gives good (although not as good generally as not using it) single target damage. This is a good change, and has all but eliminated spam from the game.


I'm in command of the USS Beamspam and I engage a target on my starboard or port flank opening up with all 8 beams, the weapon power will drain at exactly the same rate with fire at will on as is it with fire at will off.

If the target moves to my fore or aft 90 degree arc I will only be using half my beams to engage that target and fire at will weapon drain will still affect all beams despite only half of them being on that target. This is regardless of whether or not there are other targets being engaged by fire at will or not.

Fire at will does not do any additional weapon power drain unless you’re stupid enough to turn it on while a target is not your beam arc then it will drain all your beams as though you were firing them whilst you are not actually firing them.

Fire at will III is completely OP and absolutely devastating when properly used in a turret boat setup like an Excelsior chaining fire at will 1 and 3 with abp 1.
You can easily dish out over 100 weapon power 8 beam bank broadsides on two targets simultaneously with insane sustained DPS effectively giving a 280% increase in damage output across multiple fixed targets compared to a non fire at will beam setup.

I'm betting Snix left in disgust knowing full well the changes that were going through would be the icing on the cake as far as bad decisions go.

Along came the the tractor mines adding more spam now Cryptic has outdone themselves yet again with OP FAW changes, Oh and in true Cryptic style with irony thrown in as well - whilst trying to fix the mine spam problem they created yet another imbalance.

I think its hillarious don't you all agree