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03-28-2011, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Tidemand82 View Post
Hehe Power drain not a problem, there is skills for that.

And the use of FAW 3 is just to make ppl like you aware of the OPness, so you go and complain in forums so cryptic will make it back to normal
Skills or not, 8 beams is still a drain. It's a marginal increase in damage over 7, and you lose a torpedo to do it.

While torpedoes aren't usually great, it pays to keep 1 or 2 on every ship to exploit shields when they drop. Otherwise you end up having to beat on the same ship a lot more to get anything done.

Running 8 beams is a good way to pad your damage numbers at the end of a match, but it doesn't help with kills.