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03-28-2011, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
  • Tricobalt (mines and torpedos) as well as HY plasma torps are far too easy to shoot down -- even when you are not trying. An increase in projectile speed, or even some kind of native defense bonus to projectiles may be warranted to make these weapons useful again
  • A speed boost would be nice.

  • The new FAW destroys all spam, and carriers are included in this. It may be time to look into reversing some of the carrier nerfs now that there is a very common power that deals with carrier pets
Amen, and maybe a pet revamp to make them better in pvp without having to spam them.

[*]Vorcha and excelsior should have the same amount of hull as both ships are otherwise very equally matched. Either bringing the Vorcha up to other cruisers or the Exclesior down to the health of the Vorcha[*]Galaxy-X got fixed (kudos) but the B'rel needs fixed even worse. Having incoming friendly heals not reveal the B'rel would go a long way to changing it from *deathtrap* to *viable*[/list]
Agreed on the B'rel needing fixes and the Vorcha up slightly in hull strength. The best of KDF 25th century tech indeed.