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# 1 i have a limit issue.
03-28-2011, 08:14 AM
So the limit on missions is eight. I didn't know that. The long term story I had would have encompassed more than that. So obviously I'm going to have to condense. But then I thought to myself, what if I merge missions together. I could get the important facts in there while giving the complete story line. Problem is that it would seem kind of odd to complete an objective then swing right into another place and rhythm. For instance: my first mission was a combat, rescue type mission. It was not a long one but vital as it introduced you to the story line much like The Vault did. The next in the series (which never made publish on Tribble) was a dense CSI type mission. In depth in dialog and storyline, without combat. Trust me it is really cool, but it is completely different genre.

Anyone else suddenly (or maybe not so sudden) encounter this problem. And would it be strange to combine them? Like a WHAT THE HECK moment?