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03-28-2011, 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by Cmd_JohnnyP
There's been something that has been bothering me a little.

I noticed the other day that so many people have ageis / borg equip. I asked one person how they liked crafting and they replied they didn't craft it their fleet "farms" the equipment.

Now here's the thing.If the special equipment was designed for those who proved skill in crafting and or the STF missions yet much more and more people have access to them because of fleet farms how does it become fair to the people that worked to get those items?
While cryptic has left fleet operations and fleet function in a small function. Crafting is meant to bring people together. Borg equipment is bind on pickup. so you have to do the STF in a whole and do it from the start It also is hard to do those missions.

For memory alpha i see no problem of other officers doing crafting for their fleet. Since cryptic does not allow mining we have to do the best next thing. Farming these materials is essential for fleets to grow and become big. While your post seems to be anti fleet or anti work together you are missing a few things.

You are missing that this is a MMO,
You are missing that the farming part to get those materials is hard.
Be a sport and join a good fleet that way you wont try to do things on your own.