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03-28-2011, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by robingbrown View Post
It's better and more original _not_ to use previously established characters in your foundry missions. Adding a Kirk, Spock, or other canon characters just shows that you have litttle imagination.

Study TV Tropes and avoid using the worst flawed ideas in your Foundry missions:
Sry, but you totally missed my point!
It is not a miss of imagination but a alteration in the view point of so many Star trek fans. There are so many of them who unreasonably hates Wesley, by the way. And not to mention, by making the whole story a holonovel it is thatfore a story of a story.

I would be the holonovel writer and the user, who play the story would act as he/she would be Wesley. I even plan adding some major cannon mistakes, which you have to correct as the player of this act. Yada, yada, yada, I won't tell anything more otherwise I'll have to spoil to much.

By the way,
I pressume the FanFic rights don't work here on the Foundry, for the whole gamecontend belongs to Cryptic. So, anything we played, achieved or edited into STO does belong to Cryptic.
If I am right it is relevant to know the code of coduit of the Foundry and to understand it right.