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03-28-2011, 09:07 AM
The lads from Qew know exactly what they're talking about - they're better than you are, so pay heed.

Ran a little bit last night with a semi-premade in FAW boats. Not fully optimised, but enough to test out the effectiveness of mindless FAW spam.

As one team member put it, all you have to do is hold spacebar and win.

People saying it's not OP are thinking too narrowly, only in terms of how effective it is on one ship, and in terms of that single ship's performance alone. It's like pre-nerf carriers - it's when you scale it up to three or more ships, that it becomes devastatingly powerful.

But I do agree with one benefit of it - that it's dealt with the mine spam.

And now FAW-spam is the new mine-spam. All hail the FotM. :-)