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03-28-2011, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by Firefox-XL5
I have been playing STO for over a year now and in all that time i tried PVP once....result......2 Min's of getting my ship blown to bits 10 seconds after every re-spawn......conclusion..........PVP is not for me. LOL
Ah you shouldn't be so defeatist! Like any skill, it takes time to hone, and you spend much of your early days dying. Thankfully there is no death penalty to speak of ;-).

@ the OP

Some days are bad, some days are good. UK GMT evenings are usually pretty rockin'. Even on a weekday I wouldn't expect to wait more than 10 minutes tops for a game at LG level, the other grades however,... *tumbleweed*.

I do miss the good old days...

I leveled a klink solely through PvP!...don't see that happening again if I want to do it within the year