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03-28-2011, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by NikitaCH View Post
Please make it easier to organize fleet members!

I spend more then 5 hours every month trying to organize the fleet members...

Problem 1. Promotions and Demotions take forever to do because we have to go in and manually click a persons name 2-3 times to get the action done. There should be a check box next to the names and a option to promote all checked, demote all, kick all, etc...

i agree i suppose.

Problem 2. There is no way of telling when a person joined the fleet without manually typing it in as a comment... Please add a column for when the person joined the fleet.

Recruitment officer usually keeps a personal record of when the person joined for 4th fleet

Problem 3. When a person joins or leaves the fleet it shows you the first name of the person and not their @name so there is no way of telling who actually joined or left... or to check if they have other chars in the fleet, so that you can promote them up to the rank of their other chars, or check and see if they are still in the fleet on another char...
I am reasonably sure, when the person joins the fleet it pops up on the screen.

Problem 4. When you have several chars of the same member in the fleet its impossible to find the other chars without reading all the @names in the fleet, or asking them what the first name is of the other chars are... we need an option to sort members by their @names.

Would love the @names to sortalbe but it is not impossible. Also recruitment officer should have his personal records.

Problem 5. Sorting members according to their comments, officer comment, or the last login date does not work. please fix this so that it's easier to find inactive players and demoting/ kicking them.
Agreed havent had to kick some1 for inactivity yet but I see where it can be aggravating

Problem 6. There is no way of knowing if a persons account is inactive until you promote or demote them, and then their name shows up as (null) and by the time you click promote and sees that they are (null) you do not remember who you just promoted and you have to spend 5 minutes trying to find them again, so you can demote them... Maybe you guys can have an extra field that shows if a persons account is a lifer, active or not...

Problem 7. When writing officer comments, unless you physically move the cursor to a new location it forgets what you wrote when you go to the next page of members. I use ts3 so I physically tell officers things.

Problem 8. There is no way of copying names, so that we can have a record of what the fleet structure looked like at a certain point in the past, for future reference... if we had the option to copy all names to say excel, we could look back at returning members what their rank were and when they originally joined.
Recruitment officer/ personnel records should be made them. A request to auto copy names to excel seems a bit lazy. It doesnt take forever to just type it in yourself.

Problem 9. If you suspect a member of being a bank thief your only option is to kick them from the fleet, what about having the option to deny them fleet bank access but let them stay in the fleet, until you figure out what is going on?
You do have an option for that. Infact you can make it so ONLY people you trust have bank access and everyone has to ask permission for things. This one seems to be a lack of know-how of the fleet system

Problem 10. It would be awesome if we could give members awards in-game for different achievements like being helpful to others, a good STF leader, someone that donates a lot to the fleet bank, etc...

Its called trading them 1mil gold a month from the fleet bank, Giving them purple items that have been stored in the bank, etc etc. Nothing is stopping you from rewarding them for it, other than yourself

Thanks for reading

Responses in gold. or bold xD

I agreed for the most part though most of these thing seem to be able to be handled outside of the game by a competant recruitment officer. Perhaps rely less on the ingame tools and more on the tools you have available.

For example The Fourth Fleet, handles rosters In-game and out of the game. I keep my personal records (you may also check our site to see how our recruitment data is archived) my co keeps his personal records and once a week we meet up and synch *essentially*