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so the foundry is live now? NICE!

Let's make sure the missions get a good and fair start!

1st i would like to have some ruleset for the ratings,

what is a 1 2 3 4 5 star mission in your eyes?

i would say:

1 star = BROKEN / unfinishable, just plain sux, STAY AWAY. (be aware that the author get's sad if you rate him down unfairly)
2 star = completable, but no fun at all and badly made, but you get what he was going for
3 star = OK mission, nothing to special but perfectly playable
4 star = must play, but could be improved in some areas (maybe ran into bugs?)
5 star = must play, bug free + spelling error free?

or do you vote 5 for *like* and 1 for *not like* (like it used to be on youtube until they changed it to "thumbs down" and "thumbs up")....

reporting missions:

could we have a short and simple FAQ for everything that needs to be reported?
i am sure most people will not even considder reading anything longer then 10 lines and the official text is just exhaustingly long... also i'm not a lawyer and dont get half of it ;P

for example in a mission i played on Tribble a default Changeling gave me a quest and his name was "Odo", and he was on DS9 hunting Ferengi smugglers. I wasn't sure if that was report worthy so i did not report it.

So Star Trek Movie + Series characters are a NO GO because of likenesses rights (right?),
same goes for any other real life person i take it, and for other Series anyway.

what else is a no go and should be reported?

(and if we get a good proper answer can we make it a sticky?)