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03-28-2011, 11:02 PM
I think that's a good idea. I play'd two this evening "Victims of the Ice" and "Deep Space 11". I left comments for both and pointed out to one author that several sections on my mission log came up as "Unnamed task". I didn't lower my rating because of it, it was still enjoyable.

I would hope that only severely botched writing would warrant a reduction in rating in a otherwise fine mission. One last thing, I also hope some leeway is given in small cases as well. As an example (I didn't point it out), in Deep Space 11 I had to help raise the stations shields to prevent the enemy from beaming in. Once that was done I had to beam out to help defend the station. Those little things don't bug me (though I notice them) and would hope that others don't go all "canon" on authors who are creating missions and give them low scores.