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Open PvP Zone Sector Block
An entire sector block seated between Klingon, Romulan and Federation space, preferably also near Cardassian space.

The Open PvP Sector Block has an exploration cluster attached to it that allows certain PvE related activities to contribute to the overall territory control game. Unique for that cluster is that all factions can visit it, and that it is possible to engage enemies. (More below)

The Sector Block is distributed by a grid. Each section of the grid has a unique PvP objective attached to it, a "point of interest".

Sector Space Engagements
This is an option in Open PvP Sector Blocks and Open PvP Exploration Clusters.

Players can choose to attack another player in sector space. The players are transferred to a PvP enabled map, and a marker indicating an ongoing battle is placed on the sector block. Other players can choose to join.

The map is either determined randomly or depends on the sector. The maps might have unique "unfair" features - like a map where cloaking devices do not work, a map full of (micro)nebulas where ships can hide in.

A player has the option to reject a battle while still in Sector Space, or to yield and give up. In addition, the map scenario is concluded after a certain number of deaths, or an alternative "win" conditon - like hiding succesfully for at least 5 minutes in a nebula, or collecting certain materials that help the players escape.

Whether your opponent gives up voluntarily or fails the objective, the winning side earns bonus points towards the territorial control game.

Once a faction has a certain amount of minimum points in an area, it can mount an attack on the PvP objective.

Such engagements do not only have to be Space PvP objectives. One side can choose to force a ground battle, representing both sides fighting for a particular object or person of interest. (The side that makes the decision is the one that is currently controlling the grid element, or the attacker, if neither party has control.)

Territory Control Mechanics
The goal of the territory control game is to capture the different PvP objectives and move your way towards the enemy base.

Earning and Losing Control Points

PvE Exploration Missions
Completing Exploration Missions earns you items that represent effectively control points, or change how many control points you can earn.
  • Assault Points: Some missions earn you items that grant you assault points. Assault points can be spent on sectors controlled by the enemy and lowers their control points, and provides a small buff to control points earned when you win Open PvP Engagements. Assault points are represented by trade items representing weapons and engine technology or deliveries, military aid agreements, or ships.
  • Defense Points: Some missions earn you items that grant you defense points. Defense points can be spent on sectors controlled by yourself and give you a small bonus to your control points. It provides a small debuff to control points earned by your enemy when they win Open PvP egangements. Defense Points are represented by shields and hull technology or deliviers, peace agreements or research aid.
Losing a battle in a PvE Exploration Zone causes you to earn a specific debuff that lasts for a certain time or until you won again. While the debuff lasts, you cannot use Assault or Defense Points.

Sector Space Engagements
If you win a sector space engagement, your faction gains control points in that grid section.

Conquering or Raidinga PvP Objective
If you succesfully raid or conquer a PvP objective, you earn control points for all grid sections you control, and the enemy loses control points for all grid sections you control.

Conquering and Raiding
Each Sector Grid has a major location each party is fighting for. We assume that the goal is never to destroy the location, as it is too valuable.

To be able to mount any attack at all, your faction control points need to exceed a certain minimum threshold.
You can raid if you have reached only the minimum threshold, but have less than the attacker. Raiding leads to a different mission then conquering an area. The goal of a raid is typically damaging the station, sabotaging it, stealing supplies, or halting supply deliveries.

Optionally, a raid might merely be a PvE mission, with all the rules of an STF, e.g. requiring a 5 man team - no more, no less, or a Fleet Action, or it is afully fledged PvP scenario.

A possible restriction for a Raid might be that it's always a small team and not quite "Open", and there might be more PvE elements.

If you succesfully raid an enemy controlled objective, your enemy loses control points in that grid section and all adjoining ones, opening his position for further attacks.

If you have reached the minimum threshold and your control points exceed those of your opponents, you can launch a conquest. There might need to be a certain window on which a conquest is possible to allow players in the area to coordinate an assault.
Conquest usually is composed of multiple phases, and should always contain space and ground elements.

Attacking the enemy faction's HQ
Attacking the enemy head quarter is particular challenging task. Raids and Conquest missions will always include NPC enemies to make up missing player ranks to achieve a high difficulty level. A succesful conquest gives access to special missions to both sides (including stuff like adding a PvP enabled version of ESD or Q'onos). After the "conquest", you might not really "own" the new station, but you might get access to unique vendors, while your enemy loses all access to its HQ's perks.

Owning and Maintaining a a grid section

Perks of owning a grid section
When you the proud owner of a grid section, you have access to its perks. You need a certain minimum threshold of control points to have actual access.
  • NPC Vendors for rare or very rare gear, some only available at this location
  • NPC Bridge Officer trainer that train rank III skills (costs are higher than usual, of course)
  • NPC Bridge Officer aquisition with superior traits (costs are higher than usual, of course)
  • Access to Crafting Station for unusual gear, including possibly set items and consumables.
  • Territory Control Advantage Abilities. These abilities gain advantages in engagements that happen as part
  • Increased control point gains in adjoining sectors.

Maintaining a grid section
Maintaining includes protecting yourself from PvP Raids and Conquest attempts, but also PvE goals. If you fail to satisfy these goals, you lose control points. Achieving the goals might yield rewards on your own, as you complete unique PvE or PvP missions.

Grid Section Points of Interest
These are example of the various PvP objectives. Some might be available multiple times.

Tachyon Detection Grid Command Center
The Tachyon Detection Grid Command Center coordinates the various tachyon detection satellites throughout the sector. Controlling it grants access to its resources, and also allows sabotage of opponent's tachyon detection abilities.

On the Grid Command Center, you can acquire two consumables. Each consumable has 3 charges, requires no device slot and is unique, e.g. you can have only one of each on you. They have a shared 2 minute cooldown and an individual 5 minute cooldown.
  • Tachyon Detection Aid: For 15 seconds, all hostile cloaked vessels are revealed on your current map.
  • Tachyon Detection Sabotage: For 30 seconds, Tachyon Detection Aid is supressed on your current map.

Subspace Communication Relais
Owning the relais gives instant and safe subspace communication between all vessels in the area, and allows your side to react more quickly to threats.
On the Relais, you can acquire one consumable. The consumable has 3 charges, requires no device slot and is unique, and has a 5 minute cooldown. Upon consumption, you call in one PvE ship to your aid. The ship lasts until it is destroyed or you leave the current map.

Nebula Mining Facility
A mining facility in the middle of a nebula that is used to mine various gases.
You can get Hydrogen Surplus fuel or similar things here.

Dilithium Mining Facility
A planetary mining facility where you gather dilithium.
You might earn "raw dilithium" crystal consumables that provide a boost of sector space speed.

Transwarp Gate
Owning the transwarp gate allows you to buy a consumable transwarp token with which you can reach it at any time from any location. (Which allows you to get faster into the PvP area if you're doing something else, but you have to defend a PvP objective, or attack one.)

Research & Development Station
A station where you get access to Rank III power trainers for Science skills, and craft special science consoles, deflectors, science kits and personal shields.

Repair Facility
A station where ships can go to repair ship injuries. On the station you can also find a Rank III power trainer for Engineering skills, and craft special engineering consoles, impulse engines, engineering kits, and personal armor

Military Observation Post
A base within an asteroid field. Grants access to Rank III power trainier for Tactical skills, and you can craft special tactical consoles, shield arrays, tactical kits and personal weapons.

Planetary Colony
A large planet with cities and all. Grants you access to new Duty Officers and rare bridge officers.

Large Nebula
A large, expansive nebula that hinders interstellar navigation. Freighters of both factions fly through its thinnest area, but need to drop to sublight at a few spots, increasing the risk of raids.
Features an Open PvP zone where you defend or attack enemy freighters.
Raids focus on conquering enemy freighters (and the defenders try to save them), Conquest is about taking control of various satellites within the nebula that are used to determine the safest path through it.

Faction HQ
The faction HQ provides access to an Emblem Vendor and normal Crafting consoles and maybe even special crafting consoles for unusual weapons.. While you have control of your HQ, you also have access to "generic" mission givers that set PvP and Territory Control related goals, like "conquer grid x-y" or "destroy 20 player ships" or "win 5 Open PvP battles".
If you've lost control, your only mission is to retake your HQ.
The HQ might be associated to a station, but might actually be located on an inhabitated planet, allowing more interesting plantery and urban warfare on the ground.