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Hey all been usingthe foundry for the first tine since it's earliest days and have a couple of ponderings.

First of all - can we, or will we be able to, bring away teams without s full away team? I have a diplomatic mission I wish my captain to attend alone, however he seems to take a heavily armed away team everywhere...paranoid much?

Is there a way to create a custome NPC using the Risan beachwear? Tried to make a specific contact but can't find a way to use these assets without a premade NPC ( want a bolian in a bikini)

Perhaps most of all can we get some pre boxed ship zones. I use the ready room as a jumping off point fo my mission as I get hailed by starfleet however as it stands I hbe to forcibly block off the bridge to keep the player from seeing the wrong bridge. Could we have a ready room with no bridge access to save jerry rigging things? Perhaps this could be replicated for sets like main engineering and the captains quarters.

Similarly can we see some sort of 'checking' to see if to send players to the standard or TOS interior layouts somehow? Realise this is a way off but just thinking ahead.