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03-29-2011, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by NikitaCH View Post
Well yes you can make your own list of members, I have done that also in excel...

But when you have about 50 persons joining the fleet, and about 20-30 who quit playing the game every month. you end up spending a lot of time doing this, because first of all you have to write down the 50 new names to the excel sheet, and then you magically have to find the 20-30 members that now are inactive but don't show up as inactive. and remove them from your excel list of names so that you don't have a list that is 1000 members long when all you are allowed to keep is 500 members.... etc etc..

My point is that it should not be this complicated to keep track of members.

It should not be necessary to have to manually type out each name to a excel sheet. it should all be handled in-game with a few easy steps and clicks.

Then thats a problem with retention. other than that i get what youre saying. Hopefully they take heed to your advice