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# 1 Foundry Questions...
03-29-2011, 08:28 AM
So I've been trying my best to stay away form the Foundry on Tribble so I can get a much better experience with it once it hit Holodeck. Well last night I got in and started working on a mission. I read though all the EULA and such but here's an odd question I had..

What if you wanted to create a mission that encountered a NASA probe? Say Voyager II out in space somewhere. Since technically Voyager II wasn't the famed V'GR from The Motion Picture, could we feature it in an episode? I know you cant make it in space, but say you ran into some debris or something and your BO's were like "OMG It's Voyager II!!" Would something like that be against the EULA?

Another thing I found interesting is if you make a mission that's say Level 16, how do you get your character to an appropriate level to play that mission? I know it's possible to use your ensign to do it, but It takes away some of the experience since you have no BO's, or decent ship gear to play the mission though before publishing it. Or if you make a mission in Borg Space can you even get there? (I haven't tried but assuming an ensign cant get to Gama Orinias it would be difficult to follow your mission though.)

Say you also create a mission and want to have a "Bad Guy". How do you get just one NPC to show up instead of a whole group of NPC's? Is it also possible with the Foundry to have your Player get the NPC to like 10% and have him beam out or halt to give you more information without killing him/her?

Other than that it's been a pretty good experience. I'm sure there's plenty of info on Starbase UGC, and i'm slowly sifting though it all, but just a few odd questions I had before I got too deep into a mission to realize I cant use or do something.