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03-29-2011, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by wenexx View Post
Now I know that the assault cruiser is as good as the later ones, like retrofit and star cruiser.

I realy like now the higher escort design because they look realy "bad". But I even don't want to play them because of the fighter style behavor, I like the big ships more but I even think the escort "fighter" are important so this is no critic about them. Just the akira should be anywhere between cruiser and fighter maybe.
I have never seen the Akira as a "!fighter style" type of ship, myself.
For me, the Akira always was some sort of tactical cruiser, heavier than a prometheus but lighter than a Nebula.
Personally i don't understand why some (big) ships have to be forced to fill the role of light, fighter like ships. I mean how big is the Akira class ? Something between 300 and 450 meters?
To be honest i never understood the need to have a escort Class type ships in STO at all, i mean there was only one canon ship class classified as escort, the defiant type. (Which was just a lame try by the producers of DS9 to show how awesome creative they saw themselves )
Forcing other ships (which where clearly not designed to be like that) into that role feels somehow strange to me.

Thank you for reading